IGLU: Fit and Comfort

With all wetsuits the fit is key.  A badly fitting wetsuit cannot do the job that it’s designed to do. Wetsuits must be worn tightly next to the skin to work properly. This is always a difficult factor with growing children. However with an IGLU …….GOOD NEWS!!  you can cheat a little bit.

This is because of the sealed seams again. Because the warm water that is in the suit can’t escape it’s okay to have a little more of it. The seal around the neck, arms and ankles will keep it from escaping too much.

So it is possible to go for the slightly bigger size with IGLU and still be really warm. A “turn up” at the cuffs and ankles only helps that seal further.

This is music to the ears of most parents and also the kids as its easier to deal with.

IGLU wetsuits provide an easy to use sizing guide but for any extra advice just call the IGLU team using the contact number and they will quickly find the size for you with just a few questions.