IGLU: Product Info

New Kids 4/3 2022 Models

  • Full superstretch arm from waist to wrist
  • Lower neck height
  • Re shaped “minimal” orca mesh kneepads
  • Velcro “nip grab” for easier opening and closure of neck
  • Larger superstretch neck collar.
  • Multiple seam and pannel length changes for extra movement and comfort

Kids Shiver Slayer Product Description

The childrens IGLU 4/3mm SHIVER SLAYER is the best Value wetsuit of its kind on the market. IGLU are firmly commited to keeping the kids Warm at all times of year and this wetsuit is nothing short of awesome. 4mm and 3mm neoprene with a glued and blindstich construction means that its sealed up and roasting on the inside all year.

The upper body is all superstretch comfort panelling so the kids aren’t held back from easy movement.

  • Slippery seal collar
  • Ultra stretch shoulders and under arms
  • Seam free pit zones
  • YKK back zip
  • No- Nick Super duro double lined chest panel
  • Glued and blindstitched construction
  • Stress taping
  • Easy entry legs
  • Orca mesh knee pads

Looking after myIGLU Wetsuit

Getting in and out of a wetsuit

Take care when you are putting on and taking off your wetsuit. IGLU’s have design feature to make this as easy as possible but still they can be torn by pulling on the seams too hard. Its worth removing any sharp jewellery or watches to prevent obstacles when sliding it on and off.


The best way is to treat it like a pair of rubber trousers or tights. Roll the top part down and ignore it while you deal with the legs. It will need pulling over the feet and is designed to be tight. Pull the wetsuit up between the legs, knee pads over the knees and no wrinkles. Now the bottom half is pulled up you will have enough room for your top half. Flip it up and put your arms in one by one. Don’t be tempted to put both arms in at once as you need a hand to help your other hand through the cuff.  Pull the suit into the armpits nicely. Ask somebody to pull it across your shoulders before zipping up, stand like a scarecrow with arms out wide while this is done.  This closes the zip gap a bit more and gives you the “true fit”.  Zip it up and there you go. The wetsuit will move about and feel much nicer when it gets wet.


When taking off the suit, take your time and try not to over stretch it. Start at the neck and peel it off  like a bit banana skin so it comes off all inside out .Sitting down will make it easier to remove it from around your legs.

How to clean a wetsuit

Rinse your suit as soon as possible in cold water. Hot water should not be used. This also means that if you have to drive home that the wetsuit is at least clean and any corrosive salt water has been washed away. When transporting the suit, a wetsuit sack is an excellent way to stop water getting your car wet. Try one of our DRY BAGS they are Ideal for wetsuits transportation and really popular. If you haven’t managed to do it already, rinse your wetsuit when you get home in cold fresh water.

Hose, shower, tap etc.

Wetsuits can be treated with specific shampoos and cleaning agents. These are designed to remove the odour rather than the wetsuit glues.

Never. Iron your suit, treat with strong chemicles, wash in a machine, tumble dry.

How to store a wetsuit Store the suit in a cool place away from heat and direct sunlight. Always hang wetsuits inside out to dry out. It’s preferable to keep them on a plastic or non-metallic hanger although once they are dry they can be stored flat. Hanging the wetsuit through a hanger by the waist will protect the shoulders of the suit from “Thinning” on a hanger.

IGLU wetsuits are designed and based in Cornwall and built by experts in the Far East