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IGLU wetsuits specialise in kids wetsuits and are the first company to create thicker STEAMERS for age 2 upwards.

Designed and based in Cornwall. IGLU wetsuits specialise in Sealed seam, Glued and blind-stitched STEAMER wetsuits that can be worn year round.

They are designed to be Easy to use, to put on and remove and are robust and comfy.



Iglu wetsuits and how they keep you warmlink

More info on how Iglu’s work and how they keep you warmlink


IGLU make sealed seam steamer wetsuits. They are made with top grade  4mm and 3mm neoprene. The 4mm is around the body and legs and the 3mm is under and over the arms for more flexibility.  An IGLU 4/3mm wetsuit is designed for water temperatures above 7 degrees Celcius. Cornish waters go from around 9 to 19 degrees celcius winter to summer. They are constructed first by being glued together hence being “sealed” and then stitched for added strength using a Blind stitch. This stitch does not go all the way through to the inside but rather “pinches” halfway through. Most other wetsuits are simple Flatlock stitched with no glue and are 3mm and 2mm.


Why a sealed seam “STEAMER”?

These wetsuits are warmer as they allow much less water into the suit and the water does not move freely in and out of the suit through the seams. Water finds its way in slowly and then that small amount cant escape and no more can enter. This is “your” fine layer of water that just needs heating   once as its stays with you.  After about 20 minutes you can open the cuffs to feel warm water come out over your hand. By comparison now a  flatlocksuit will have flushed about 20 layers of water in and out constantly carrying away your body heat.

Why 4mm and 3mm and whats neoprene?

IGLU use 4mm and 3mm neoprene in all their wetsuits. This is for two main reasons. It is warmer but not so thick as to become uncomfortable. Neoprene is not just rubber, its a rubber based foam. So like all foam it is full of air-bubbles. It is this air layer that prevents your heat from escaping just like a duvet, clothes, even double glazing is all about the air layer. Subsequently a thicker air layer allows slower heat loss.  Top grade neoprene has more air in it and another upside is that its also more stretchy.

Why IGLU wetsuits are super for Kids.

Kids IGLU wetsuits have special features that make sure that the little ones are comfy.

  • Super stretch panels over and under the arms.
  • No 4 way stitching junctions under the arms
  • Easy glide slippery lining inside the neck with no stitching line
  • Wider easy entry legs
  • Superstretch cuffs and ankles.

Wetsuits are not Heaters. Wetsuits just prevent your heat escaping. Children create alot of heat as they are very active but when they run out of energy they crash very quickly and end up shivering. This is because children do not store as much heat as adults in reserve so when its gone its gone.

An IGLU will tackle this on three levels:

  • Firstly the wetsuit allows pure freedom of movement through panel layout and carefully selected materials allowing kids to go bonkers.
  • Secondly the 4/3mm sealed seam construction keeps them drier for longer from the outset and the heated water layer comes into action later maintaining a personal climate on the inside.
  • Thirdly if and when the kids do start running out of heat it happens at a much slower rate avoiding the cold crash into shivers.

IGLU wetsuits are designed and based in Cornwall and built by experts in the Far East