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IGLU 4/3 Men’s Year Round Steamer Full Length Wetsuit “The Shiver Slayer”


The Mens 4/3 Full Length Steamer Wetsuit “Shiver Slayer model” . The IGLU Mens  4mm / 3mm is Designed in Cornwall to keep you warm year round.







MEN’S 4/3 Year round Winter Wetsuit  The SHIVER SLAYER MODEL    Blue /Black /White

New Model

  • Full superstretch arm from waist to wrist
  • Lower neck height
  • Re shaped “minimal” orca mesh kneepads
  • Velcro “nip grab” for easier opening and closure of neck
  • Larger superstretch neck collar.
  • Multiple seam and pannel length changes for extra movement and comfort

Men’s Shiver Slayer Product Description

The men’s IGLU 4/3mm SHIVER SLAYER is the best Value wetsuit of its kind on the market. IGLU are firmly commited to keeping you Warm at all times of year and this wetsuit is nothing short of awesome. 4mm and 3mm neoprene with a glued and blindstich construction means that its sealed up and roasting on the inside all year.

The upper body is all superstretch comfort panelling so the kids aren’t held back from easy movement.

  • Slippery seal collar
  • Ultra stretch shoulders and under arms
  • Seam free pit zones
  • YKK back zip
  • No- Nick Super duro double lined chest panel
  • Glued and blindstitched construction
  • Stress taping
  • Easy entry legs
  • Orca mesh knee pads



SIZE S    – HEIGHT 5″6 -5″8   WEIGHT 54kg-62kg

SIZE M   – HEIGHT 5″8-5″11   WEIGHT 62kg-75kg

SIZE ML – HEIGHT 5″11-6″1   WEIGHT 75kg-85kg

SIZE L     – HEIGHT 5″11 -6″2  WEIGHT 85kg-95kg

SIZE XL  –  HEIGHT 6″0-6″3    WEIGHT 98kg-115kg

SIZE XXL-  HEIGHT 6″2-6’4     WEIGHT 110kg-125kg


Why 4mm and 3mm and whats neoprene?


IGLU use 4mm and 3mm neoprene in all their wetsuits. This is for two main reasons. It is warmer but not so thick as to become uncomfortable. Neoprene is not just rubber, its a rubber based foam. So like all foam it is full of air-bubbles. It is this air layer that prevents your heat from escaping just like a duvet, clothes, even double glazing is all about the air layer. Subsequently a thicker air layer allows slower heat loss.  Top grade neoprene has more air in it and another upside is that its also more stretchy.

All Suits are Designed in CORNWALL By People Who fit Wetsuits for a living



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